Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Comment on the reaction of the characters Essay Example for Free

Com handst on the reaction of the characters Es citeHow does milling machine create tension in this episode? Comment on the reaction of the characters. (Pages 35-42) Eddie feels threatened by his five-year-old guest, Rodolpho the blond Italian immigrant. The reasons why Eddie feels threatened be based on the fact that Catherine fulfilms interested in Rodolpho. Eddie being her guardian for so many years feels that Catherine is drifted away from him and blames Rodolpho for that. Eddie never showed how he really felt ab reveal Rodolpho notwithstanding throughout this scene some tension among the two characters is clearly conveyed by their actions and words. The first clear sign of tensions arises when the main characters are talking about lemons on trees. Eddie makes a thaumaturgy about how oranges are painted to make them look orange. Marco claims in Italy oranges are orange. Rodolpho then says that lemons are green. What Rodolpho state seems so non-provoking but Eddie uses it to sound resentful towards Rodolpho for no reason at all. Eddie openly expresses his feelings. Beatrice tried to run around attention since she senses tension arising by asking Marco personal questions.The tension does not become unnoticed. Eddie shifts the discussion they are having that girls in Italy are strict to use it against Rodolpho, once more revealing the bad feelings he has for him. Eddie train out to Rodolpho that girls in the states also are not so free and those girls without a shawl or a black dress are taken for less strict by some. Rodolpho picks up quite healthy what Eddie tries to say. He can see where Eddie is coming from. He is not that nai ve as we thought he was at the start of the play.Rodolpho can understand that this discussion is really about Catherine and the time he spends with her. He tries to match himself by saying to Eddie he always has respect about Catherine. Eddie tries to explain to Marco what he is trying to say and Marco sensing himself some tension he replies to Eddie cautiously. Tension increases due to Beatrices intervention in the conversation. She clearly defends Rodolpho by telling to Eddie that Rodolpho didnt dragged Catherine off. The same time Beatrice is going against her husband.Now we dont only sense tension between Rodolpho and Eddie but also between the couple. Beatrice points out to Eddie to be an uncle to Catherine. She intervenes strictly. Beatrice plays an important role in this episode because she highlights the tension between her and Eddie and also tries to influence Catherine. She tells Catherine to explain to Eddie why she and Rodolpho were late. She is trying to get Catherine concern, to stand up for herself. Marco also gets involved since he is the big brother and guardian of Rodolpho.He tries to ease tension with Eddie. Marco advises Rodolpho on some things to interest Eddie and calm things down. Marco also reaches the point of apologizing to Eddie. He feels uncomfortable. Eddie justifie s his arguments that Rodolpho shouldnt stay out late with Catherine because the more he is out the bigger the chances of him being caught. Beatrice once more defends Rodolpho. She says that the same chances exist in the daytime also. With the stage delegation indicating Eddie is holding back a voice full of anger illustrates the encounter between the couple.Catherine doesnt stay alleviate with all these happening around her. The whole conversation and tension is about her and she gets her chance to react to Eddies mortifying behavior. Catherine becomes provoking and in a way rebels against Eddie by asking Rodolpho to trip the light fantastic toe with her. From the stage direction we see Eddies reaction, he freezes. Rodolpho due to the tension and with respect to Eddie he denies her offer. Beatrice once more goes against Eddie by encouraging Rodolpho to dance with Catherine.Catherine takes Rodolphos hands and they dance. A provoking attitude towards Eddie. Beatrice being the dis tracter in the whole episode she tries to ease the conflict by changing the subject once more. Eddie becomes sarcastic on Rodolphos expense when Marco informs them that Rodolpho can cook. Eddie points out Rodoplhos qualities some(prenominal) times to mock him. Eddie tries to suggest that Rodolpho is gay, a homosexual. Catherine defends Rodolpho by telling to Eddie that all the big chefs are men and get paid well.

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